Located in central Ontario, Toronto Aerospace Finishing Inc. (TAF) is one of the most diversified metal finishing providers in Ontario. The founders of TAF have over 75 years experience in the metal finishing industry. Their combined knowledge of technical service, research and development, manufacturing and quality enables TAF to provide high quality services to their customers. TAF occupies over 10,000 square foot facility serving the needs of diversified markets, including aerospace, automotive, electronic, hardware, marine, medical, metal stamping and telecommunication.


Toronto Aerospace Finishing Inc. is a nationally recognized source for Hard Chrome, Cadmium, Copper, Electrolytic and Electroless Nickel, Tin, Chromic Anodize, Sulphuric Anodize, Hard Anodize with Blue, Red, Black, Yellow, colors, Zinc, Zinc- Nickel plating on a variety of base materials, including zinc die cast and stainless steel, Manganeeze Phosphate and many other processes. These processes qualify TAF to meet unique customer requirements.


With the help of a highly qualified workforce, TAF has acquired a reputation of excellence based on expertise and reliability. We have developed and maintained business relations with our customers where quality standards are amongst the most stringent in the world. To attain this objective, TAF counts on rigorous control over the quality of its products and the appropriate training of its personnel. It uses equipment and technology that are at the leading-edge of developments in the sector. It also invests in R&D to develop new procedures that meet environmental standards and the industry needs.


Our state-of-the-art waste management systems exceed every applicable local, state and federal regulation. These systems are designed to meet our needs now and into the future. Through our environmental efforts, TAF will remain a viable source for quality metal finishing as well as a responsible neighbor to our community and our environment.

Hard Chrome, Zinc, Tin, Zinc-Nickel, Electroless Nickel, Alodine, Cadminum, Zinc, Phosphate, Chemical Conversion, Black Oxide, Bright Dipping,Pickling, Passivation, Baking, Nickel Sulfamate, Chromic Anodizing, Hard Anodizing, Clear Sulphuric Anodizing, Salt Spray Test and Many more...